Walk The Walk

Having the voice of our students in this conversation is so incredibly powerful – and energizing – and absolutely increases my efficacy! I can’t wait to hear more from these students!

Northern Art Teacher

When I began teaching, did I stop learning?

I certainly hope not.


I wonder if any other teachers ever question their position as ‘teacher’?  Is the role of teacher better (or different) than the role of student?  

Are we missing out by limiting our job description to one who instructs?

Before I became a teacher, I loved learning, and I loved school.  Whenever I discover something new, it’s like a tiny piece of the universe has been revealed to me.  Why would I act as if I know everything in front of a class of students?  Learning continues, as does the joy.  If I don’t continue to learn, I’m sapping the life out of my own education.

Besides, kids can spot a faker from a mile away.  If I’m not enjoying myself, they’re not going to buy anything I’m selling.


Learning can be scary.  Anything new can be scary.  My students…

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