Becoming “Connected”

Blogging for me began as a way to communicate my school effectiveness message to colleagues, in the hopes that by making my thinking visible through this modelling, that others would follow suit and post replies.  I was thrilled when a number of principal and teacher colleagues began reading, and even more excited when they would sometimes take the risk and post their thinking.  It’s been a year and a half, and I have come to realize however, that I don’t blog for others, I do it for myself as reflective practice, as a way to consolidate my thinking, whether about our SGDSB learning plan, a professional learning session that I have attended, or a book that I am reading.  I write because I believe that I need to clarify my thinking – and when I put it down in written word, I can see the logic (or lack thereof) in my thinking.

Engaging in OSSEMOOC’s Ten Minutes of Connecting this week has caused me to reflect on the many blogs that I read, and the notion that I seldom make my thinking visible in response to the author’s thinking.  I am truly a consumer! This week, I took some time to read Stacey’s blog ( and Kim’s blog ( and a number of others (I read Connected Principals daily and Larry Ferlazzo). What I realized is that we are speaking about the same things.  It is true, “Isolation is now a choice educators make” (Couros, 2015).


Have a read of this blog and think about Day 2 of Ten Minutes of Connecting:

“When we consider what it means to be a connected learner, we can break it down into several components:

  • Collecting information
  • Connecting
  • Curating
  • Collaborating and Co-learning
  • Creating and Remixing
  • Sharing”


What am I learning?  I am on this journey, and while I respect where others are at, I am falling behind!  It is time to model the risk taking that we speak about all the time. So my new goal based upon these first 4 days of becoming a connected learner…collaborating and co-learning. It is time to make my thinking visible to others in response to their thinking, not just my own – to consider their ideas, to collaborate, to co-learn.  I am hoping that my challenge to all of our elementary schools to engage in the Ten Minutes of Connecting will result in the same realization for you!

Until Next Week…What are you learning about yourself as a Connected Learner?  Are you a leader who is modelling learning through technology as the tool?

3 responses

  1. I also see myself as a consumer of the information that is out there. I think that where I try to make my learning visible is through the sharing and learning that I try to support at the program leader table and at the staff learning table. I take time each day to scroll through my twitter friends and look and see what others are saying in the world of education. It helps me to keep reflecting and thinking about my own learning and what are the next steps. Sometimes we aren’t ready for the learning but the great thing is that it cycles around and when we are ready we can enhance our learning. Thanks for making your learning visible and modeling for your colleagues.


  2. Being on the journey to becoming connected, I can appreciate your thoughts and questions – how can we make our thoughts visible, and for me, am I willing to share my thinking for others to see and reflect on? I love the opportunity to connect with others, but like you, I need to look at the other components of being connected – curating, collaborating and co-learning. Isolation is a choice we make – sometimes it’s due to lack of time, sometimes to not knowing, and sometimes to feeling overwhelmed and getting behind. When you connect with others, and feel value from sharing, that is when you realize that we are all learners on this journey together despite distance, Board affiliations and positions – let’s keep this sharing going and continue connecting because together we are stronger.


  3. […] Becoming Connected – Nicole Morden Cormier […]


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