New Beginnings Bring New Possibilities

Welcome Back 1

The excitement that new beginnings bring…when our schools are looking spotless (and renovated…WOW!), classrooms are blank slates awaiting students to design them, we are all (hopefully) feeling rejuvenated after an amazing summer filled with a change in routine, time outdoors and perhaps some adventures, ready to implement the many new ideas that have resulted from having some time to think…WELCOME BACK to another exciting school year filled with possibilities!

Welcome Back 2

Embracing the change that this time of year brings is sometimes difficult.  We are faced with the dark mornings that the shorter days bring, cooler temperatures, the leaves rapidly changing colours, children transitioning into new stages of their lives, the notion that we are now heading back to busy daily routines, etc.

However, with these changes also comes opportunity for the future – “the possibilities are endless” as Rita, Head Custodian at GOPS said to me last week.  As we begin this new school year, I would encourage you to think about the enhancements that you will be making to your practice – each one of us are committed to creating schools for our students, families and staff that are increasingly welcoming. From the physical environment to the culture of the school, we are continuously making improvements to make our buildings amazing places where people want to spend time.

Welcome Back 3

So let’s collectively seize the opportunities that our new beginning will bring – let’s embrace the change in weather just as our students do (I am trying not to scream as I see the red leaves floating down and landing on the sidewalk outside my office), let’s try out new and exciting learning strategies and measure their impact, let’s support each other in taking risks in our own learning, and let’s do it together with our positive mindset.  Let’s change the culture that exists around new beginnings – especially that which exists for some around “miserable Mondays” – to one that demonstrates excitement about the possibilities for the future – whether it be a full school year or full school week.  I wonder what the impact would be on each other and on our students?

Welcome Back 4

Superior-Greenstone District School Board is truly an organization that demonstrates caring, positivity and commitment to learning and continual growth.  As your Superintendent of Education, I endeavor to champion this culture, to work with you and to support the amazing work that you do in your classrooms, libraries and offices.  I thank you for your contributions to our school board as a whole, and truly believe that our “Small Schools Make a Difference” in the lives of our students and in the lives of each other, daily.  I wish you a wonderful school year and look forward to catching up with you as I visit your schools.  Have a wonderful first day of school with your students as you engage them, give them voice, and ensure that they know that they are cared about.  Remember, embrace the change that this time of year brings…it is so exciting to begin again!!

Welcome Back 5

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  1. Wishing everyone a great start-up and a wonderful year! This is always such an exciting and fresh time of the year!


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