Thursday Morning Teleconference Agenda

 Focus: Student Achievement

Thursday Morning Teleconference: 7:50 am  – 8:30 am        (1-888-289-4573   3831144#)

Please let me know in advance if you are not able to attend so that alternate arrangements can be made.


  1. Our Vision –“We are leaders in providing quality learning experiences in our small school communities
    1. Examples of how it is being enacted – sharing from schools of evidence (What EVIDENCE do YOU have that you are enacting this vision?)
  2. Nancy/Dave Items
  3. Daniel/Suzanne Items
  4. Items from the Schools
  5. School Learning Plan Evidence

School Improvement Learning:

    1.  Each principal (one per teleconference – the order is below) will be asked to present one or more student work artifacts that demonstrate the work that the school team is engaged in.
    2. The principal will select this work from their classroom visits/learning walks.
    3.  During the teleconference, the principal will contextualize the artifact:
      1. -sharing the focus of the School Learning Plan,
      2. – the nature of the learning that is contained in the task (where does it fall on the assessment cycle, what was the learning goal and criteria for success) – please take care not to simply explain the task but name the learning that is happening and
      3. -which success criteria from the School Learning Plan is this evidence of?

D.   This work will be posted to the D2L t to the team by the Monday prior to the teleconference for each member of the team to review prior to the teleconference.

Order for Sharing:

1. Nakina  (October 2)






7. SPS


9. DPS

10. TBPS

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