December 4

Focus: Student Achievement

        (1-888-289-4573   3831144#)

Please let me know in advance if you are not able to attend so that alternate arrangements can be made.


  1.  Dave/Nancy Items
  2. Daniel/Kathleen/Suzanne Items
  3.  School Learning Plan Evidence from SPS :  Please remember the outline of instructions on the first Thursday Morning Teleconference Page, paying special attention to aligning the work with success criteria from your Learning Plan, and ensuring that we focus on the learning, rather than the task (which will happen in relation to the Learning Goal for the task).

Order for Sharing:  8.MMPS, 9. DPS, 10. TBPS

3.  Student Led Sharing:  What new learning occurred that your colleagues will benefit from?

4.  Early Years – determine date for our half day session in New Year

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