May 21 TMT

Focus: Student Achievement

(1-888-289-4573   3831144#)

Adobe:Meeting Information

 I will turn the control of the Adobe over to the presenter – so please have your computer loaded with your materials!

Please let me know in advance if you are not able to attend so that alternate arrangements can be made.


  1. Nancy/Dave Items
  2. Suzanne/Kathleen Items
  3. Special Education Updates
  4. Tell Them From Me Discussion RE: implementation
  5. School Learning Plan Evidence – Sharing from Debbie this week
  6. PD Day Artifacts – please apply the 3 Stage Model for Monitoring and share your artifacts through the lens of your analysis (10 minutes). Chris done, Michelle next


School Improvement Learning – Making Our SLP Learning Evident through Student Work

  1.  Each principal will be asked to document the growth in learning of one Marker Student (remember to remove the student’s name from all work), according to the criteria in your SLP. 
  2. The principal will:
  3.  Briefly share their Theory of Action (it will have been revised by now – narrower focus) and the success criteria for this If, Then statement (sharing the criteria for BOTH the IF and the THEN as this tells us the learning of the adults and the impact on the student).
  4.  Share the student work in terms of the growth of the criteria:  this work should show growth in learning over timeas the work of the staff becomes more specific.  There should be at least 3 artifacts (conversations, demonstration, products) that show the marker student’s growth in the area of the criteria. Make the criteria come alive – share the degree of effectiveness with us.
  5. Throughout the presentation, demonstrate how you have used the 3 Stage Model for Monitoring Evidence (see this document under the School Learning Plan page of this blog site) to triangulate the growth of the student.

When thinking about the evidence that you are selecting, please remember the criteria that we began to develop last year.

Capture 15

This work will be posted to the D2L t to the team by the Monday prior to the teleconference for each member of the team to review prior to the teleconference.

Order for Sharing:

NAPS, GOPS, RRPS, TBPS/SPS, MMPS, BEPS, BAPS, MTPS, MNPS, DPS (please switch your week with another principal if this schedule does not work)

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