Final Weeks of December

2 Weeks until Christmas Break!  This is the final update until January 2016. Wishing each of you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, laughter and peace.  

Thought of the Week:  Work Life Balance   As we near the start of the holiday season, take a few minutes to reflect on how you have been achieving your work-life balance.  As leaders, you are everything to everyone (IT people, counsellors, custodians, etc.) as you are often doing what needs to be done at the time.  Your days are filled with demands – not only at work but at home. How have you been taking care of yourself? What do you need to change/enhance? How can you use the two weeks of holiday time to achieve some “balance” (hopefully)?Capturework life


Health and Safety Act Reminders:    Be sure to inspect all of the building where our staff work during your monthly inspections (both inside and outside, sheds included!)

Anti-Bully Action Plans – Please be sure to get these to me (if you have not already) by Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  Thanks everyone! I will read them over the holidays and get back to you with some feedback.

WellNet Deadline – I will be sending you a completion list for WellNet by December 11.  We are asking that you review the list and remind those who have outstanding courses to complete that the deadline is January 11, 2016.

Agendas– Please post your staff meeting agendas to your VLE site for each month.  Thanks to those who have remembered! We will find time at our next Catch Up Meeting to discuss agendas and to move increasingly towards a more standardized approach to our meetings.

OSR Management Guideline – The Board Policy Committee will meet after the Inaugural Board Meeting (in the new year). This policy will then hopefully receive approval.  Please be communicating these MG changes to your secretary as this will impact them. It is my hope that by September  2016, all of our OSRs will follow the format outlined in the document.

LTO Evaluation Template – I have been working with Al and Will to review this template as several principals have indicated that our template is very labour intensive. I will be asking the original committee to meet to review the proposed template changes.  Stay tuned!

ECE Appraisal – Now that sanctions are done, we are seeking volunteers to pilot this process and document. Please let me know if you have a volunteer in your school.

Hour of Code – don’t forget to participate! I would like to see several classes from each school participate in this!!  Stacey has sent the materials and will be making this public in our newspapers so please be sure that your school is represented!  It is important work. Thank you!

Agenda for Thursday Morning Teleconference (9:30-10:10)

  1.  Thursday Morning Teleconferences – return to original plan – when?
  2. SLP Due Date – end of January?  Needs? Booking conversations with each of you on Tuesday, December 15 – first come first serve for time slots (8:00am-2:30 pm)
  3. LLI Survey and PD
  4. Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math
  5. TIC Handbook – draft feedback
  6. Catch Up Session for January – new date please

Nicki’s Schedule

  • Dec 7th            Marathon Board Meeting and PD
  • Dec 8th            GOPs Leads’ Meeting
  • Dec 9th            GOPs SWST Meeting
  • Dec 10th          GOPs – BIPSA meeting with Kathleen
  • Dec 11th          PL Day
  • Dec 14th           PL Day
  • Dec 15th          GOPs (SLP Meetings)
  • Dec 16th          GOPs
  • Dec 17th          Thunder Bay – Meeting with LNS
  • Dec 18th             PL Day

Upcoming Dates

Monday, December 7, 2015 – Progress Reports Sent Home

Monday, December 7 – Inaugural Board Meeting – at Board Office all day.

Tuesday, December 8 – Director’s Update

Wednesday, December 9 – ALPs for teachers on improvement plan or Performance Appraisal year are due

Friday, December 18 – all ALP meetings done

Happy Holidays

Monday, January 4 – Welcome Back, Leads’ Meeting

Friday, January 8 – WellNet Compliance

Thursday, January 7 – 7:50 am Thursday Morning Teleconference Resume

Monday, January 11 – Inquiry Applications Due/Long Range Plans Due

Monday, January 18 – TWEA should be open by today for teachers to check their report card set up

Thursday, January 21 – 1:30-3:30 – Fair Start Teleconference  for K Educators and data entry people

Monday, January 25 – Thursday Morning Catch Up Teleconference 9:00-11:00  (this one will likely have to be changed due to a conflict for me, however we will discuss the new date asap).

Wednesday, January 27 – Family Literacy Day

Friday, January 29 – PD Day for Assessment

Friday, February 5 – TIC Session at GOPS



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