Week of October 13-16

Thought of the Week:  I have been learning about Learner Agency over the past weeks.  This concept is truly linked to our goals.  Have a read of the following quote taken from Motivation, Engagement and Student Voice  http://www.edugains.ca/resourcesSV/StudentVoiceResearch/MotivationEngagementandStudentVoice.pdf

“Understood as the capacity to act in a way that produces meaningful change in oneself or the environment, agency is the key to student voice. Time and again, research has shown that the more educators give students choice, control, challenge, and collaborative opportunities, the more motivation and engagement are likely to rise. The enhancement of agency has been linked to a variety of important educational outcomes, including: elevated achievement levels in marginalized student populations (Borjian & Padilla 2010; Gilligan 1993; Noguera & Wing 2006; Rodríguez 2008; Wren 1997), greater classroom participation (Garcia et al. 1995; Rudduck & Flutter 2000), enhanced school reform efforts (Fielding 2001; Mitra 2003; Mitra 2004), better self-reflection and preparation for improvement in struggling students (Leachman & Victor 2003), and decreases in behavioral problems (Freiberg & Lamb 2009).”Pg 27

Many of you are aware that this research report/article was instrumental in informing our BLPSA.     I would suggest having a look at it to see how it may support your staff in understanding our BLPSA Theory of Action.  CaptureTofA

At the K-12 Session we also discussed Learner Agency as related to the Assessment for Learning Phase.  “Exercising agency in formative assessment means that students do not simply rely on teachers’ pronouncements about their learning status and what they need to do next, but are active in forming their own judgements.” To read more, visit the documents as they are housed in Google Docs at



  1. A number of you have asked for some time to discuss your POP with me.   I have a number of available time slots this week however there is no rush as I know that you are busy.  If you would like to do this sometime this week, please email me.  Otherwise we can do it at another time convenient to your schedule.  I look forward to the opportunity to support your Leadership Development through your growth plan.
  2. If  you are interested in establishing a teleconference at the beginning of each month to review the P/VP Handbook for that particular month, please let me know!  We can go back and review October together as well if there is a wish. This could be a 30 minute discussion just to review the components outlined for that month and to clarify anything.
  3. Board Policy Review – this meeting took place last week. There are a number of revised policies (below)  – the Field Trip and Excursions received a large number of enhancements.  We also proposed enhancements to the OSR MG, as well as the Footwear Policy. Again, I will be offering a 30 minute teleconference to review these changes.  This will take place on Thursday, October 15, from 3:30 to 4:00.  Please join me if you wish (by responding to my email).

Control and Release of Information
 P-406 Snow Removal and Ice Control
 P-410 Lock and Keying
 MG-410 Lock and Keying MG
 P-412 Public Access Defibrillators
 MG-412 Public Access Defibrillators MG
 P-505 Field Trips and Excursions
 MG-505 Field Trips and Excursions
 P-516 Safe Arrivals Program
 MG-516 Safe Arrivals Program
 P-517 Early Identification
 P-604 Junior and Senior Kindergarten
 MG 606 Home Hospital Study MG

From Last Week’s Information/Updates (carried over):

  1. Delegation of Authority Form – this should be filled out when you are absent from the school. The template is available under Public Folders- Forms- Human Resources.

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Tuesday: Senior Admin, Board Agenda Planning and Managers’ Meeting in am (RRPS), GOPS in pm, 3:30 P teleconference

Wednesday:7:45 – Teleconference with CM,  GOPS office

Thursday: GOPS

Friday:  GOPS, 3:30 Teleconference

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