Week of October 5-9

Thought of the Week: “Principals must live with paradox. They must have a sense of urgency about improving their schools, balanced by the patience to sustain them for the long haul.  They must focus on the future, but remain grounded in today.  They must see the big picture, while maintaining a close focus on details.  They must be strong leaders who give away power to others.”  Dufour, “Help Wanted: Principals who can Lead Professional Learning Communities.”  NASSP Bulletin, 1999. 


  1. Delegation of Authority Form – this should be filled out when you are absent from the school. The template is available under Public Folders- Forms- Human Resources.
  2. Fostering Self-Regulation – After the presentation by Pat Carney this last week, I have been thinking about how we are fostering self-regulation in our schools. Please remember that the Second Step kit is in all (or almost all) of our schools.  It is a great question…how are we fostering self-regulation?  What are we using to assess this for our report cards? Do staff understand that the report card is Cognitive Self-Regulation…

Capture self regulationThis is the only type of self-regulation that our report cards capture. How are we fostering the other 3 domains (biological is very difficult at school so I won’t address it) including the emotional domain, social domain and prosocial domain?

3.  We attended a couple of math sessions this week. Check out http://ontariomathedresources.ca/  !!!  It is awesome!! It has all of the links to math tools etc on it. See below. Capturemath

Also, be sure to check out some of the new resources on Edugains. We looked at the Fractions Learning Pathways and the links to tasks that are embedded in the pathway.  http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/DigitalPapers/FractionsLearningPathway/index.html

4.  Thursday Morning Teleconference – Cancelled this week as I am in Toronto and cannot make it work (and you are very busy!).

From Last Week’s Information/Updates (carried over):

  1. Please ensure that the Triple Grade/Quad Grade conversations are happening with staff and that you have a plan for moving forward in this support.  This conversation could also involve a review of planning using Big Ideas/Essential Questions/Enduring Understandings.  This is also a great discussion for when Long Range Plans begin to be shared.
  2. Emergency Plans – please note that your Emergency Plans are due by September 30 to Dave with a cc to Debbie Skworchinski. Although the Emergency Plan template does state that they are to go to the SOE, the board Policy states that they are to go to the Director. Also, note that your Fire Safety plan is part of your Emergency Plan so, although the board Policy states that it is to go to the SOE, please simply send the whole package to Dave. Debbie shared with me that she will be adding a better long term ‘evacuation” plan to her document due to a recent water issue that they experienced. Something to think about – if the water goes off, can you evacuate to another location?Emergency Plans – how are you communicating the contents of these plans with staff and ensuring that they are accountable for the materials?  This must be done by September 30.

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Monday – GOPS, Policy Review Meeting in pm

Tuesday – am GOPS, pm Travel to Toronto

Wednesday – Toronto – New SO Orientation

Thursday -Toronto – New SO Orientation

Friday – NTIP Orientation, meeting with Dave regarding Pearson Efficacy

Due Dates/This Week in Our System:

October 2 – POPs due to your designated Leader

Suzanne – all secondary and George and Carole

Dave – Hillary, Kathleen, Will, Shelley, Jody, Stacey, Nicole

Nicki – Kellie, Chris, Michelle, Debbie, Sara, Melissa

October 5 –  Lead’s Meeting via teleconference

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day

October 5 – Board Policy Review

October 9 – Board Orientation at GOPS (Shelley)

October 10 – SLPs, Inquiry Applications, Bully Intervention Plans all due (tentatively)

October 16 – ALP Meetings completed

October 12 – Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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