Week of Sept 14-18

Thought of the Week:  A great deal  of learning took place last week about Performance Appraisals and what the 3 manuals (Teacher, LTO and NTIP) outline as the bare minimum requirements.  What am I doing, as a school leader, to take these minimum requirements and create a system that works for the educators in my building?  (for example, several of you decided that, even though it was not a requirement, you would also send notification letters to your NTIP and LTO performance appraisal candidates, outlining this process). Also, when am I building in time to become increasingly familiar with these manuals and the processes contained within?  Please remember, these are  growth processes that find their foundation in co-learning, collaboration, and effective descriptive feedback. 

  1.  The September 28th Catch Up Session  (9:00-11:00) will have one hour of Early Years learning from me, followed by a second hour of operational items from you.  I believe that by this time, there will be much to discuss. Please begin sending me discussion items for this hour.  I have Shelley speaking about our NTIP approach and Kathleen to chat about the Primary Math Diagnostics that we are using. Thanks!
  2. Please do not panic about SLP due dates. All due dates are dependent upon the current situation. Remember, I am operating from the believe that “people don’t support what they don’t create!”
  3. School conversations (informal) with you should be focused on the results of diagnostic assessments and where students are at and how instructional decisions are being made. These are very important conversations.
  4. If you have good news items (pictures with captions, etc), please send them to Dave by Thursday so they can be entered into the Director’s Newsletter. Let’s celebrate our staff and students! It is motivating!!
  5. EA Performance Appraisals – as Will spoke about, a team has been formed to review and enhance this document.  Consequently, we will “pause” this process for EAs until that document has been published. However, there is still an EA growth plan that could be very useful as we continue to grow our culture of learning.

From Last Week’s Information/Updates (carried over):

  1. PD Day agendas are due to your school site on the VLE by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 23.  I recognize that the timelines are really short for this PD Day and thank you for ensuring that your agendas are well detailed. While we have not had an opportunity to review our collective expectations for the agendas, I would suggest seeing the agendas that our colleagues put together and were willing to share at the August Leadership Session (on the Google Drive).  They are excellent examples of the detail in planning that we need to model.

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Monday – Teleconferences beginning at 8:00-12:00,  and then 3:30  Community use Teleconference

Tuesday – Secondary Teleconference and SEF teleconference 8:00-10:30), 1-2 teleconference with TBPS

Wednesday – GOPS

Thursday – SIM

Friday – SIM

Due Dates/This Week in Our System:

September 10 – Math AQ Course Confirmation of Successful Completion letters due to NMC

September 10 – First Thursday Morning Teleconference


September 14 – 3:30-4:00 Community Use of Schools Teleconference

September 21 1:30-3:30   School Effectiveness for New Leaders (with NMC)

September 22 11:00-12:30  School Effectiveness for All Elementary Leaders (with NMC)

September 23 – PD Day Agendas due to VLE site

September 25 – PD Day (School Learning Plans, etc,)

September 28 – Elementary Teleconference Catch Up Session – 9:00-11:00

September 28 – Board Meeting

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