Week of September 8-11

Thought of the Week:  When I have a question/wondering/challenge, what relevant board policies/acts/regs/PPMs do I need to first read/review prior to making a decision?  

(A list of PPMs can be found at   http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/extra/eng/ppm/ppm.html)

I want to begin by acknowledging the positive start up in our schools that I have been hearing about.  The many special breakfasts, lunches, snacks, conversations, tokens of appreciation and encouragement, and the amount of communication with stakeholders that has been shared back to us is such strong evidence of the caring and positive cultures of our schools and district.  It is no secret that the first week back is especially busy for everyone as there is so much NEWNESS –  schedules,  registrants, staff, environments, etc.  Your positive tone, the amount of time that you have spent with both new and returning staff to ensure that we are communicating our expectations and providing feedback and support, and the ways in which you have gone above and beyond to ensure a strong sense of belonging for all – parents, students, staff, community – is recognized and appreciated.  Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for updating and sending their Supervision Schedules and Master School Schedules to me.

  1. Please remember to use the Principal/Vice-Principal Handbook (under Public Folders) as it contains a monthly list of To Dos. It needs to be updated so am looking for a principal who is willing to make notes in the handbook over the course of the year to pass on to be used to update the manual. Volunteers??? {PLEASE}
  2. Remember to update your Emergency Contact Lists
  3. Workplace Violence Survey – stay tuned! This is done yearly and will be done via Google Survey…more to come!
  4. School Learning Plan Session – We will have a review session for all elementary principals (secondary will be separate) to discuss changes and struggles with our SLPs.  This will take place on Tuesday, September 22 from 11:00-12:30 – it must be prior to the PD Day (September 25) as this PD Day will be partially dedicated to SLPs. I believe that both of our teaching principals are available at that time (Jody will be 10 minutes late?). My original intent was to have this a face-to-face session however at this time, we will plan a short teleconference to serve as an overview and then book the face-to-face later.
  5. PD Day agendas are due to your school site on the VLE by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 23.  I recognize that the timelines are really short for this PD Day and thank you for ensuring that your agendas are well detailed. While we have not had an opportunity to review our collective expectations for the agendas, I would suggest seeing the agendas that our colleagues put together and were willing to share at the August Leadership Session (on the Google Drive).  They are excellent examples of the detail in planning that we need to model.

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Tuesday – Leads Meeting at RRPs (am), Interviews at NRRDHS (pm)

Wednesday – Interviews at NRRDHS (am), GOPS (pm)

Thursday – GOPS

Friday – absent

Due Dates/This Week in Our System:

September 1 – Well Net completed for Casual Staff s for TPAs send to educators by this date

September 10   Notification Letter

September 10 – Math AQ Course Confirmation of Successful Completion letters due to NMC

September 10 – First Thursday Morning Teleconference


September 14 – 3:30-4:00 Community Use of Schools Teleconference

September 21 1:30-3:30   School Effectiveness for New Leaders (with NMC)

September 22 11:00-12:30  School Effectiveness for All Elementary Leaders (with NMC)

September 23 – PD Day Agendas due to VLE site

September 25 – PD Day (School Learning Plans, etc,)

September 28 – Elementary Teleconference Catch Up Session – 9:00-11:00

September 28 – Board Meeting

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