April 27


What did you learn today?

Whom did you nurture today?

What difficult issue did you confront today?

What is your most important challenge right now?

What did you do today to make progress on your most important challenge?

(taken from Douglas Reeves,  The Learning Leader)

(consider posting these questions as reflection tools for the end of each day!)

1. Nicki’s schedule  Mon – GOPS, Tues/Wed – Toronto for OLC, Thurs GOPS, Fri – GOPs

2.  Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference – will take place this week on Thursday from 1:00-3:00.  Kathleen will focus on math for us (representations continued) and I would encourage you to have your SLP success criteria with you so that you can make connections to your work and so that you can self-assess for gaps in thinking.  Please be sure to have your PD Day evidence posted to the VLE by then so if we have time, we can have one or two schools share back their most significant learning from this day (as realized by applying the 3 Stage Model for Monitoring to your evidence).

3. PD Day – Thanks to everyone for making this day such a success. I appreciate the emails and texts that I have received for several of you updating me regarding the progress, the focused conversations and the next steps that you are already planning.  This is hard work however I know that we are making progress in continuing to move thinking along.  Looking forward to the sharing of your analyzed evidence (3 Stage Model applied).

4.   Education Week – How are you engaging parents during this week?  A great opportunity to discuss math and build parental capacity (essential to have a growth mindset)!  Don’t forget about Kathleen’s Powerpoint as well as the many resources that the SEF Team populated to the VLE (under Math).

5.  LLT – A HUGE thank you to the LLT Planning Team for all of their work in putting the day together.  The team engaged in significant planning as we endeavor to meet the various needs of the leaders who attend LLT.  I appreciate the ownership and responsibility that the entire team demonstrates in making the day a success. Please ensure that these messages get back to your schools; this is important work and we must ensure that everyone understands our goal and why we are working towards this goal (the HOW!).  The Conditions for Learning (which includes the Principle to be Developed in the Learner and in the Environment and the Culture of Assessment) are the HOW…to achieve a Learner Centered Environment…which will help us to increasingly motivate, engage and create a sense of belonging.   Hopefully by the end of this week all of the resources will have been posted to the VLE for your use.

6.  Report Card Set Up – We will use the same/similar process that we used in Term One. Please note the following Dates:

Monday, May 11 –Class Organization Templates due to Raj

May 11-15 – Raj to complete set up

May 15-20 – Teachers verify classes (Cathy spoke to us about the necessity of verifying in detail!)

May 20-22 – Raj does any fixes

May 25 – RC Window opens for data input

Please remind our teachers that they must go in and ensure that the classes are set up during the May 15-20 window – that they need to go into each class.  Contact me if you have questions!

7.  7-10 Math – My apologies to you (once again) for the double booking of dates – I understand that the next 7-10 math and the junior math are both on the same dates.  Unfortunately we are bound by the availability of our presenter and Kathleen had booked the junior dates in October – so we can’t change either.  Thank you for your patience and we are asking that you and your teachers select the session that best meets your needs.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 27 – Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 28 – Director’s Update (stay tuned as I know that Dave is travelling during this time)

Thursday, April 30 1:00-3:00 Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference/Adobe

Thursday, April 30 – 3:30-4:00 Inquiry Learning Fair Teleconference (optional)

May 4-8  – Education Week – Celebrating Achieving Excellence: Moving Forward in Math

May 4 – Special Board Meeting

May 5 – Staff Appreciation Day

May 8 -OAME WebConference (as per Kathleen’s sharing)

May 9 – all PLC/Inquiry Release Time completed (unless you have spoken with me)

May 11 – Inquiry Learning Fair Abstracts Due to the Google Doc (emailed to you on April 25)

May 13 – Primary Math Inquiry

May 14 – Junior Math Inquiry

May 14 (evening) and May 15 – Supporting Math Conference (Marion Small)

May 18 – Victoria Day Holiday

May 25 – Leaders Learning Fair (principals and Vice principals)

May 26 – Inquiry Learning Fair

May 26 – Director’s Update

June 1-5 – SGDSB EQAO Window – No PD to take place this week

Reminders – TTFM coming soon,

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