April 13

1. Nicki’s schedule  Mon – DPS District Support, Tues – EY Inquiry, Wed- Senior Admin Meeting and Primary Math Inquiry, Thurs – PL in am and GOPS in pm, Fri – Thursday Teleconference Catch Up in am, office in pm

2.  April PD Day – Each school will be asked to post their agenda on the D2L site by Friday, April 17.

3.  Before and After School Survey Results – Now that most new year one Kindergarten students have registered, please send me the summarized results of your Before and After School Survey.  I need to know how many children may required Before and After School Care.  Thanks to Chris for sending these to me. Please send them by Monday.  

4. Thursday Morning Teleconference Catch Up – is scheduled for this Friday from 9:15-11:15.  Sara and Chris will be sharing their SLP work- remember there is no teleconference on Thursday morning.

5.  Everybody Matters Week – don’t forget to access the link as it has an outline for this week   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TdlqRwVWyme8HQF6VEeOKaoLa8kOF_hLXy0D2qOdSPg/edit?usp=sharing

6. Education Week – May 4-8 – Theme is Achieving Excellence: Moving Forward in Math. The following is from our Minister of Education:

Capture ed week

Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 13-Friday, April 17 – EVERYBODY MATTERS WEEK

Monday, April 13 – 3:30 Operational Teleconference Meeting

Monday, April 13 – Board Policy Review Meeting

Tuesday, April 14 – EY Inquiry #2 at GOPS (all early years educators)

Wednesday, April 15 – Primary Math Inquiry – GOPS

Wednesday, APril 15 – Parent Engagement Meeting (please remind your School Councils!)

Thursday, April 16 – NeuroDiversity Day – Let’s Celebrate!!

Friday, April 17 – Thurday AM Catch Up meeting at 9:15 (to 11:15)

Friday, April 17 – Agendas for PD Day due to D2L site

Wednesday, April 22 – Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 22 – LLT in Gym at GOPS

Thursday, April 23 – Junior Math at GOPS

Friday, April 24 – PD Day

May 4-8  – Education Week – Celebrating Achieving Excellence: Moving Forward in Math

June 1-5 – SGDSB EQAO Window – No PD to take place this week

Reminders – TTFM coming soon,

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