April 20


What did you learn today?

Whom did you nurture today?

What difficult issue did you confront today?

What is your most important challenge right now?

What did you do today to make progress on your most important challenge?

(taken from Douglas Reeves,  The Learning Leader)

1. Nicki’s schedule  Mon – Senior Admin Meeting, SEF Meeting, Tues- LNS K-12 Session, Wed – LLT #2, Thurs- Junior Math, Fri – PD Day (location TBD)

2.  Thursday AM Teleconference Cancelled –
Due to the amount of PD this week, the fact that several people are travelling Thursday morning to the Junior Math PD, we will cancel the teleconference for this week. It is a very busy week where everyone will be on the road! I hope that you enjoy the learning from this week!

3. PD Day – thanks for the very thorough agendas for our PD Days. We are going to be using these agendas as a team to share the artifacts from the PD Day at each school.  I will be asking leaders to share the evidence from each item on the agenda, and then make your thinking visible as you apply the 3 Stage Model for Monitoring to this evidence (as you determine your next steps).  This will be done at the next Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference taking place on Thursday, April 30 from 1:00-3:00 (final Thursday of every month). Be sure to post your artifacts on the VLE by then.  

4.  SLP Framework Questions – I have updated the Evaluation Questions for your SLPs and have re-posted the updated questions onto this site under School Learning Plan.  Please be sure to solicit the responses from your staff to these questions – the more detailed the responses, the more the BLP can address the learning needs of the schools!

5.  Education Week – How are you engaging parents during this week?  A great opportunity to discuss math and build parental capacity (essential to have a growth mindset)!  Don’t forget about Kathleen’s Powerpoint as well as the many resources that the SEF Team populated to the VLE (under Math).

6.  Blended Learning – Thank you for sharing the work that you are doing in your schools around Blended Learning!  Let’s keep the momentum up around this expectation!

7.  Inquiry Learning Fair – Please share the information regarding the Inquiry Learning Fair with your educators.  I have not include it yet, however for your information, I will be asking each team to submit a short (one paragraph) description of their inquiry sharing so that others may choose which session they wish to see on that day.  This will be asked for by mid May.

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, April 22 – Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 22 – LLT in Gym at GOPS

Thursday, April 23 – Junior Math at GOPS

Friday, April 24 – PD Day

Monday, April 27 – Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 28 – Director’s Update

Thursday, April 30 1:00-3:00 Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference/Adobe

Thursday, April 30 – 3:30-4:00 Inquiry Learning Fair Teleconference (optional)

May 4-8  – Education Week – Celebrating Achieving Excellence: Moving Forward in Math

May 4 – Special Board Meeting

May 5 – Staff Appreciation Day

May 8 -OAME WebConference (as per Kathleen’s sharing)

June 1-5 – SGDSB EQAO Window – No PD to take place this week

Reminders – TTFM coming soon,

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