February 2

1.  District Support Visits –   For those who are having a FULL District Support, we need to book an hour of time to plan the visit (this is the Pre-visit Conversation). This should be done by the end of this week as calendars are filling up so quickly (Will, Kellie’s have been booked, Michelle, Angela, Shari still to book)

2. WellNet Completion – please let me know on Monday if you have people who were not able to complete their WellNet.

3.  Registration Packages – Please sent those to me this week if you were not able to provide it to me on Friday.

4.  POP Updates – Please send your updated form to me by February 10. Thanks everyone.

5.  7-10 Math Project – As per Nancy’s conversation with you at the 7-10 Math Teleconference last Monday, teachers who are currently in the Junior Inquiring into Math have a choice as to whether or not they are going to engage in two math learning sessions.  They should look at the needs of their students (is the larger majority of students from grades 7 and 8, etc), to decide which group they are going to participate in – if they wish to do both, they are more than welcome. It is my recommendation that this be a conversation with you – and that if they decide to attend the 7-10, that you attend with them – so that there is a team to allow for conversation and reflection once you return to your school.

6.  Upcoming Dates 

February 3-5   – Grade 7-10 Math Sessions

February 6 – Report Cards due to Principal

February 9 – IEPs updated

February 13 – Report Cards sent home

Friday, February 20 – EDI Training/Completion beginning at 9:00

February 23 – Long Range Plans Due to Principal for T2.

February 25 – Pink Shirt Day (Bully Awareness)

February 27 – Student Led Conferencing Completed (please keep your attendance data for access later).

Friday, February 27 – February Thursday AM Catch Up date from 9:15-11:15

Friday, February 27 – Transition to Kindergarten Plans due to Nicki, (send special needs to Nancy and Kathleen as well)

Monday, March 2 – Principal Early Years Learning Session – Self-Regulation, Purposeful Play (through the lens of geometry and spatial sense), has been booked for  at GOPS 9:30-3:30.  Heather Exley and Anne Marie McMahon-Dupuis will also join us that day!

Wednesday, March 25  – March Thursday AM Catch Up Date  from 1:00-3:00.

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