February 9

  1. POP Updates: Please send these in by February 10. Thanks to those who have done so already!
  2. D2L – Just a reminder to be posting the minutes from your PLCs, staff meetings and inquiry meetings to this site. Both Heidi and Erica have a nicely organized site with these minutes posted if you wish to have a look.
  3. EQAO Exemptions – please complete the chart and return this to Kathleen, Nancy and myself (as per Kathleen’s email).
  4. Board PD Calendar – In our attempt to become better knowledgeable about what professional development is taking place that is taking teachers, principals and staff out of the schools, we have created a Board PD Calendar of Events. This calendar can be found under Public Folders (I can hear the groans but it is actually quite user friendly), under Calendars, and PD. You can click on any event and see how many participants, who they are, and where it is taking place. We will get better at ensuring that the information is there for your use at a glance.  It will also take all of us a while to get used to going there for information; however the goal is to make sure that multiple PDs do not happen on the same day.
  5. Fair Start Kits – The screening tools have been found and are in my office. We will make arrangements to get them to you – please contact me and we will figure it out! Sorry – they were to be given out when we were in Thunder Bay however I had yet to receive them.
  6.   EY Confirmation – Please ensure that your team has confirmed their attendance at the EY session scheduled for Feb 17. The deadline is Monday.
  7. Blog – If you click on the “Follow” button on the site (it pops up at the bottom of my screen on my ipad) then you will receive notification when I post a new blog. You won’t however receive notifications when I update the Pages (that contain due dates, information, School Self-Assessment information, Growth Mindset links, etc); however I usually only update these pages on the weekends. I will endeavor to make the blogs a bit shorter; please feel free to only post a sentence or two as a reply if that is what you are comfortable doing!  So far Heidi and Dave are neck and neck for the number of replies that they have posted!  Way to go!  I am even thinking that perhaps there might be a “prize”…remember Angela…you received an iPod for your school from the Monday Morning Memos?  A little competition perhaps????

 Upcoming Dates 

February 9 – IEPs updated

February 10 – POPs due

February 13 – Report Cards sent home

February 17 – Early Years Inquiry at GOPS

February 18 – Primary Math Hub Day

Friday, February 20 – EDI Training/Completion beginning at 9:00

February 23 – Long Range Plans Due to Principal for T2.

February 25 – Pink Shirt Day (Bully Awareness)

February 26 – Junior Math Hub  CHANGED TO FEBRUARY 24 

February 27 – Student Led Conferencing Completed (please keep your attendance data for access later).

Friday, February 27 – February Thursday AM Catch Up date from 9:15-11:15

Friday, February 27 – Transition to Kindergarten Plans due to Nicki, (send special needs to Nancy and Kathleen as well)

Monday, March 2 – Principal Early Years Learning Session – Self-Regulation, Purposeful Play (through the lens of geometry and spatial sense), has been booked for  at GOPS 9:30-3:30.  Heather Exley and Anne Marie McMahon-Dupuis will also join us that day!

Wednesday, March 25  – March Thursday AM Catch Up Date  from 1:00-3:00.



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