January 26

1.  Thursday AM Teleconference is cancelled this week due to many overlapping commitments.

Please note that the date for the February Thursday AM Catch Up date has been changed to Friday, February 27 from 9:15-11:15, and for March it will be Wednesday, March 25 from 1:00-3:00.  These changes are due to my calendar!

2.  District Support Visits –   For those who are having a FULL District Support, we need to book an hour of time to plan the visit (this is the Pre-visit Conversation). This should be done by the end of this week as calendars are filling up so quickly (Will, Kellie’s have been booked, Michelle, Angela, Shari still to book)

3.  Fair Start – Last week I sent out an email reminded educators to ensure that any outstanding Fair Start screens from 2014 had been entered into the database. Please remember that whenever a new JK registers in your school, Fair Start needs to be completed and the results entered into the database.  This is how the child will receive service and how our needs are tracked.  The actual screening tool is then filed in the OSR. This year, I am willing to enter the data into the system if you have a number of students who enrolled after the actual registration season last year.  Please send me a copy of those screening tools and I will get it done prior to the deadline at the end of January. Please only send me the students who registered after the release time that was provided in the spring of last year (during our Registration Season). Contact me with questions. 

4.  EQAOHave we explicitly taught our students the meanings of the following terms?  Are they confident that they know what the question is asking them to do?  

Compare – what is the same and what is different.

Describe – use words to create a mental picture for the reader.

Determine – use mathematics to find a solution to the problem.

List – use point form.

Explain – use words and symbols to make your solution clear.

Justify – give reasons and evidence to show your answer is correct.

Show your work – record all calculations and all the steps you went through to get your answer. You may use words, numbers, graphs, diagrams, symbols and/or charts.

4.  Kindergarten First Time Equipping Update – I thank everyone for their lists (all first time K program schools).  I am exploring funding right now and will be getting back to you regarding the allocation for each school and what items meet the criteria from what you have submitted.  The process will involve each school receiving an allocation of funding, an email reply of what items from each list have been approved, and then each school secretary will receive a code to engage in the direct ordering.

5.  Staffing – Cathy will be sending out a template early in February regarding your projected enrollment.  It is essential that you are precise with these projections.  I will begin having discussions with you regarding your needs so that I am increasingly aware of this information as we begin the staffing process.

6.   EDI Date Change –The new date for the EDI implementation is Friday, February 20.  An email will come to you this week regarding this.

7.  Principal Early Years Learning Session – Self-Regulation, Purposeful Play (through the lens of geometry and spatial sense), has been booked for Monday, March 2 at GOPS 9:30-3:30.

8.  Stacey has offered to continue the technology work (around Google Docs) in a face to face format.  We need to be thinking about when we can do this as many of you have expressed an interest.

9.  Upcoming Dates 

Tuesday, January 27 – ABC Family Literacy Day

Thursday, January 29 – Kim’s Retirement Celebration – Valhalla Inn at 6:00 (be sure to have notified Suzanne of your attendance)

Friday, January 30 – Reporting Day (don’t forget to use the Guide to Writing Report Card Comments with your staff PRIOR to this day in order to clarify your expectations!)

Friday, January 30 – ALL Wellnet needs to be completed please!

February 3-5   – Grade 7-10 Math Sessions

February 6 – Report Cards due to Principal

February 9 – IEPs updated

February 13 – Report Cards sent home

February 23 – Long Range Plans Due to Principal for T2.

February 25 – Pink Shirt Day (Bully Awareness)

February 27 – Student Led Conferencing Completed (please keep your attendance data for access later).


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