June 1 (final for the year)

1.  . Nicki’s schedule  Mon- Schreiber, GOPs, Board Policy Review, Tues – BLP  Team at GOPs, Wed – absent in am, Red Rock with POPs for system leads in pm, Thurs – Union Meeting, Thursday AM Teleconference Catch Up, Fri – Beardmore visit, Ryan’s Law in pm

2.  Thursday AM Teleconference –  June 4 from 1:00-3:00 Catch Up – This will be the final Thursday AM Teleconference for this year – however we may continue to use this time slot for other information sharing/gathering.

3. Tell Them From Me Survey – Be sure to have all of your grade 3-8 students complete the survey.

4. Blended Learning – Stacey sent out the email regarding setting up blended learning for next year. Please be sure to have the courses set up for next year prior to leaving in July.  Remember that Stacey is done at the same time as the teachers. We really need to encourage all educators (not just grade 7 and 8) to ensure that their students are becoming fluent in blended learning however recall that it is a requirement in the grade 7 and 8 program.  

5. IEPs – please ensure that these are updated by June 22 as per our agreed upon due date.

6.  School Schedules:  I will be asking for school schedules to be  shared with me early in September. This includes detailed class schedules and supervision schedules.

Upcoming Dates

June 4 – Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference 1:00-3:00 Final Elementary Teleconference

June 19 – TTFM

June 15 – Report Cards due to principals

June 22 – IEPs updated

June 22 – Board Meeting

June 23 – Director’s Update

June 26 – Final Day and Report Cards go home

June 29 and 30 – Leaders Meetings – Victoria Park – Thunder Bay  Please book your rooms at Valhalla as this is where the Retirement Celebration will take place (if you wish to stay there!)

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