May 19


What did you learn today?

Whom did you nurture today?

What difficult issue did you confront today?

What is your most important challenge right now?

What did you do today to make progress on your most important challenge?

(taken from Douglas Reeves,  The Learning Leader)

(consider posting these questions as reflection tools for the end of each day!)

1.  . Nicki’s schedule  Tues – GOPS for Senior Admin and BIPSA meeting with Ministry, Wed/Thurs – Health and Phy Ed Curriculum Rollout Session, Fri – GOPS SNB Math Implementation 

2. Inquiry Learning Fair – Has been postponed until further notice.

3.  Board Learning  Plan Growth Mindset Surveys– postponed until further notice

4.  Thursday AM Teleconference – May 21, none on May 28, June 4 from 1:00-3:00 Catch Up – This will be the final Thursday AM Teleconference for this year – however we may continue to use this time slot for other information sharing/gathering.

5. Tell Them From Me Survey – Nancy has informed me that the TTFM survey is up and ready to go – and the window will close by mid June.  We will discuss further at the Thursday Morning Teleconference.

Upcoming Dates

May 25 – Leaders Learning Fair (principals and Vice principals) – Postponed until June 30

May 26 – Inquiry Learning Fair  Postponed

May 20 – Google PD

May 22 – Literacy Resource Orders Due to NMC electronically

May 25 – Board Meeting in Geraldton

May 26 – Director’s Update

May 27/28- Google PD at LSHS

June 4 – Thursday AM Catch Up Teleconference 1:00-3:00 Final Elementary Teleconference

June 1-5 – SGDSB EQAO Window – No PD to take place this week

Reminders – TTFM coming soon,

June 29 and 30 – Leaders Meetings – Victoria Park – Thunder Bay

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