November 24

1.  LLT – Thanks to everyone for your participation in the LLT on Friday.  We are looking forward to reading the Exit Cards so please record your thoughts on the document accessible by the link that Jody sent to you. There is an technical error in the document as the first question on math isn’t supposed to be there so you won’t have to answer that question.

2.  Thursday Morning Teleconference –  A reminder of our 2 hour Thursday Morning Teleconference this week (from 1:00-3:00).  Please see the Thursday Morning Teleconference Page on this blog for the agenda.

3.  Levelled Literacy Intervention – As per an email that I sent off to you in September, if your teachers have specific questions about LLI, please send them to me by Friday.  I will use these questions to provide additional LLI support if it is necessary.

4. Risk Assessment – A reminder to be engaging in conducting your Risk Assessment using the survey provided in the Workplace Violence Management Guideline (720).  It is important to have your timelines determined for the completion of this survey and a plan to ensure that new employees have the opportunity to complete the survey as well.

5.   Nicki’s Schedule:  Mon-GOPS teleconferences, Tues – NRHS District Support Visit, Wed – YERB Teleconference all morning, Kathleen in pm, Thurs -GOPS – Teleconference all pm, Fri – SNB Math Project all day – GOPS

Coming Up:

Wednesday, November 26 –   Operational Teleconference – Cathy presenting on Right to Attend

Thursday, November 27 – Thursday Morning Teleconference Catch Up Session 1:00-3:00

Wednesday, December 3 – POP Feedback Session #1 (please check the email to verify your time slot)

Friday, December 5 – Inaugural Board Meeting  (4:00)

Monday, December 8 – POP Feedback Session #2

Tuesday, December 9/Wednesday, December 10 – Leadership Meeting in Marathon (there is no ice for curling in Marathon so we will be bowling instead).

7 responses

  1. Hi Nicki, Rather than writing an exit card response, I decided to create a Storify that helped me curate some of the resources from Friday’s LLT session. Hope you like it! Check it out:

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    1. OK for my next presentation I’m coming to you first!

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      1. You bet! Any time 🙂


  2. Colleen thank you for sharing your thoughts from Friday’s session. You have captured our Learning goals for the day with your reflections in a unique way (well at least it is unique for me)! I am intrigued with how “Storify” works and may just have to give it a try. Thanks again for sharing and providing us with yet another technological tool to explore!

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    1. Thanks Nancy! Maybe some day we could schedule a day to play with some very useful tools — wouldn’t that be fun?


      1. I would like that Colleen.

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      2. Me too. We should schedule something before the year gets too hectic.


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