October 14 Information/Updates

1.  Thank you to everyone for your Inquiry Applications.  By Friday, October 17 I will have your approvals.  I will provide each successful application with an account code.

2.  School Learning Plans – please post your plan to the D2L site!

3.  Remember that your POP is due on October 17 to Dave and Nancy. These are dynamic documents so they will change over the course of this year as you learn and progress in your PoP.

4. Cohort/Predictions data is due on Friday.

5. My schedule:  Tues – GOPS (teleconf 8, 8:30, 9), Wed – GOPS (telecon 8, 8:30, 9:10, 1:00)  3:00 meeting, Thurs – Best Start Strategic Planning, Fri – (tele 8-9 for Numeracy PD Day).

Upcoming Dates:

October 22 – Primary and Junior Numeracy (please try to keep this date free to join into these two teleconferences)

October 24 – PD Day


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