Thursday, September 10


Dial In:  1 888 289 4573  3831144#


  1. Welcome Back!
  2. Technology with Stacey (topic using Adobe Connect for School Learning Plan Sharing) 7:50-8:10

September 10th Adobe Connect – using Pods to share information from our Google Docs

September 17th  – using Twitter to further increase communication with families

October 1st – Remind 101 – sending global text messages to families with reminders

3.  Overview of format for School Learning Plan Sharing (on main page entitled Weekly Teleconference Agendas 2015-2016)  Will begin this sharing on October 8 (SLP documents are due by October 9) – the first to share will likely share baseline data source evidence.

4.   Operational





Nicole R

Nicki   PD Day September 25,  Bully Prevention and Intervention, Leaves for PD Days – Criteria for approval and Leaves without Pay (Barb to fill us in), Busing Challenges (policies at

5.  School Items

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