January 22 Catch Up Session 1:00-3:00

Focus: Student Achievement

        (1-888-289-4573   3831144#)

Please let me know in advance if you are not able to attend so that alternate arrangements can be made.


Please join the Adobe Connect

    1. WELCOME TO Joy and Sara!
    2. Dave/Nancy Items
    3. Daniel/Kathleen/Suzanne Items


    1. School Learning Plan Evidence Sharing and Dialogue from DPS and TBPS 


    1. Future Sharing: Next Cycle Explained (Three Stage Model for Evidence reviewed – evidence from conversations with a teacher regarding the “body” of evidence from a marker student and the next steps)
    2. EQAO Cohort and Predictions Data:  How is this data being responded to in your school?  Share back from principals (Kim and Sara to share)


    1. District Support Self-Assessment Visits
      1. Pre-Visit Conversations Scheduled
      2. School Self-Assessments – ongoing process but spotlight and formalize for District Supports
      3. Revisions to this Process – WE ARE READY!! Moving towards independence.
      4. Accommodations – scribes, technology
    2. EQAO
      1. “Preparation” re environment of assessment, confidences, growth mindset,
      2. Identification of Exemptions – form from Kathleen and sent to Nicki, Kathleen and Nancy
      3. Blended Learning EQAO courses – teachers sign up with Stacey
    3. Kindergarten First Time Equipping – update
    4. Blended Learning Email – discussion regarding concerns
    5. Staffing – Cathy to send email regarding projected enrollment in early February – must be precise


    1. Representations in Math – Kathleen





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