October 27 Information/Updates

1.  Thank you to everyone for their work in facilitating the PD Day.  I hope that you were able to engage in some deep conversations that resulted in educators enhancing their practice. I have heard many positive comments and look forward to reading the EXIT cards.  Please remind your staff to have completed these on line by the end of the day tomorrow.  Jody emailed the link to everyone.

2.  Numeracy PD Day – having thought more about growth mindset, are there any enhancements that you and your team are going to make to the interventions planned for students who are not achieving to their potential?  Especially consider the EQAO predictions that you made last week – what else can we be doing for these students?  How can we make these students a focus for our work?

3.  Numeracy Learning Sessions:

  • Please let me know which of the Numeracy Learning Sessions you have committed to attending.
  • We will be tracking and posting the attendance of all staff at these sessions so that we can be using this information for our ministry reports.  This information will also be useful to you as you engage in monitoring conversations with the teachers in your buildings.
  • Making Thinking Visible Article – just a reminder to ensure that all of your participating teachers in the primary and junior inquiries read this article (from the D2L site) in preparation for next week’s sessions. We will be launching the day with an activity immediately that all educators will be creating for their classrooms based upon this work.

4.  SWST Teachers – if you have a SWST teacher working in your building, please be sure to schedule regular meetings (monthly at least) with them to discuss student work and progress. Even though you are having many informal conversations, it is vital to the work to have dedicated time to sit and review student thinking.

5. Student Led Conferences – these conferences should be discussed and planned as a collective team in your schools. We must ensure that the students are developing metacognitive skills well prior to the actual conferences (these skills are part of our curriculum documents) so that they are prepared to speak of their strengths and areas for improvement with their parents.  Be sure that parents who wish know that they can book additional time with educators if they wish.  Here are some resources to begin your conversations.     Student Led Conferences – board Implementation Guide

Why STudents Should Take the Lead in STudent Led Conferencing

I Think Therefore I Learn

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 30 – Progress Reports Due

Thursday, October 30 – Learning Disabilities and Math Adobe Session (continuation from the session that took place a couple of weeks back)  9-11:30

Thursday, October 30 – 1:00-3:00  Thursday Morning Teleconference Catch Up Day (no teleconference at 7:50)

November 4 – EY Inquiry at GOPS for all K-2 Educators

November 5 – Educator Teams (those classrooms who have an ECE and Teacher team)

November 13 – Junior Inquiry into Math at GOPS

November 19 – Primary Inquiry into Math at GOPS


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