Week of Oct 19-23

Thought of the Week:  Silver Linings…This week I have challenged many of you to find the “silver lining” in our current situation.  I truly appreciate the number of you who have been taking the opportunity, when you can, to capitalize on opportunities that may present themselves.  While recognizing and acknowledging the challenges, please do know that your work is noticed and sincerely appreciated. When I think about the “silver lining” for me, it has been the chance to really see and hear how passionate the leaders in our district are about the learning agenda.  This is more evidence that supports the shift that we are making towards a culture of learning.  Thank you!


  1. The MMM Catch Up Meeting scheduled for October 26 has been cancelled.
  2. The Principal/Vice Principal Handbook teleconferences will begin on Monday, November 2 from 3:30-4:00.  At that meeting we will begin by reviewing November, and then if time, will reach back to October.  We will also schedule our future meetings together! I look forward to this time with you, discussing the events of the upcoming month!!  Please remember that this is voluntary! We will use my teleconference number for these meetings.
  3. Health and Safety:  Please remember to be communicating Health and Safety information to your staff, even though we are not having staff meetings.  It is important that we provide reminders and support for this very important area to our staff. Using our OH & S training materials to provide these reminders is very helpful.  In addition, be sure that you have the Workplace Violence policy posted and that you have communicated these procedures to your staff.  If you review Management Guidelines 720 for Workplace Violence, you will find a list of your obligations as school leaders. As well, you can review the survey questions to ensure that you have supported your staff in these items.  
  4. Just a reminder that the upcoming PD Day will continue to be discussed.
  5. Last week at our Board Policy Principal/Vice Principal Teleconference, we discussed the Safe Arrivals Program.  Please be sure to review this policy and management guideline as there are action items for principals to take regarding review of the program and communication to parents/caregivers.  We need to ensure that we are compliant with the policy and with PPM 123.
  6. Critical Friends – please be sure to send me (if you have not already) the name of your critical friend for your POP.
  7. Please send Dave pictures for his Director’s Monthly Newsletter.  So many truly wonderful events are happening in our great schools and we need to collectively celebrate them!!

From Last Week’s Information/Updates (carried over)

  1. A number of you have asked for some time to discuss your POP with me.  If you would like to do this at anytime, please email me and we will set up time together. I look forward to the opportunity to support your Leadership Development through your growth plan.

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Mon and Tues – Negotiations

Wed – Meeting with Barb and Marc in am, Beardmore visit in pm

Thurs – GOPS – 9:00-9:30 teleconference,

Fri – 9:30 – SOA Teleconference, School Visits to DPS and RRPS hopefully, 2:30 Senior Admin Teleconference

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