November 17


-Here is a list of the math learning commitment for our leadership team:

K-2 Inquiry – Angela, Michelle

Primary Inquiry into Math – Chris, Kellie, Will

Junior Inquiry into Math – Kellie, Michelle, Will, Kim, Debbie, Shelley

The following are the dates so please book them into your calendars!

K-2 Collaborative Inquiry Math Primary Math Inquiry Junior Math Inquiry LLT
Nov 4 Nov 19 Nov 13 Nov 21
February 17 Jan 21 Jan 15 April 10
April 14 Feb 18 Feb 26
Various teleconferences as needed. April 15 April 23
May 13 May 14


-A huge thanks to Kathleen for the excellent Junior Inquiry in Math session that took place last week!  The engagement of the teachers was tremendous and we have received much feedback.  Looking forward to the Primary Inquiry in Math taking place this Wednesday.

-more information is coming about the 7-10 Math sessions – Nancy updated us at the teleconference so stay tuned!

2. Student Led Conferences should be finished by Friday. As always, please track your attendance data, analyze it for trends that you can respond to and save that for future reference at District Support Visits, etc.

3. LLT is this Friday – if you haven’t let me know the name of your teacher attending, please do so!

4. There is no Operational teleconference this week.

5. Nicki’s schedule – Mon – Marathon Meetings and Board Meeting, Tues – LD Math and MMM Conversations with Will, Wed – Primary Math Inquiry, Thurs – GOPS, Fri – LLT

Upcoming Dates:

Monday – Board Meeting

Tuesday – Director’s Update, Learning Disabilities and Math Adobe Session,

Wednesday – Primary Math at GOPS, PIC Meeting (please remind your members)

Friday – LLT at GOPS

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