February 29-March 4

Thought of the Week:  Capturestudent centered

obtained from http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/bid/345394/4-Steps-to-Becoming-a-Learner-Centered-eLearning-Professional

Have a read!!


Health and Safety Reminders:    

Question: As we begin to think about March Break, what impact does this upcoming holiday have on our staff (and students – although this isn’t Occupational Health and Safety)? How are we ensuring that “Every school day counts, every school day is important?”  We don’t want to the upcoming break to signal a break in our constant attention to safety!  We can never let up on this!

Looking forward to being inspired by Spencer Beach tomorrow!!


LLI Session – this session is taking place on March 9 via videoconference.  Please ensure that you remind your IT tech of this, and also feel free to order lunch for the participants (code to #158).

Board Policy Review – this meeting has been cancelled for the month of March – our next meeting is April 5.  Thus, our Principal Policy Meeting will take place on Friday, April 8, 2016 from 2:00-3:00. Please confirm your attendance by April 4!

Transition to Kindergarten Plan – Thanks to those who have sent them in! A reminder to those who have not yet. Thanks!

SLPSA – I now have time on March 8 for those who have yet to review their SLPSA with me.  Please let me know if you would like to discuss your plan on this day and the times that work for you.

Carried Over from Last Week

EQAO Predictions – At our March 10 TMT, we will focus the learning portion of the teleconference on our predictions.  I am asking each of you to speak briefly to what you discovered and how you are responding to these predictions. We are searching for responsive “precision” in these discussions so please do be prepared to speak about what you are doing that is above and beyond the “normal”.  If you have yet to send your predictions template to me, please do so asap.

Nicki’s Schedule

Mon – PD Day at Red Rock

Tues – Small and Northern Boards Session at GOPS

Wed – SIM at GOPS

Thurs – BMS at Valhalla

Fri – BMS at Valhalla

Upcoming Dates


February 29 – PD DAY Spencer Beach

March 2 – SIM via Virtual Learning Environment for SIM Team

March 3 and 4 – BMS Training

March 4 – Annual Learning Plan Update and Review Meetings completed

March 7 – Leads’ Meeting all day

March 8, – Teacher in Charge Training Session – GOPS  Postponed

March 9 – LLI (Elementary) via Videoconference

March 8 and 9 – LLI Grade 7-10  (See Carole)

March 11 – IEPs Updated and sent home

March 12 – School Organizational Proposals Due to NMC

March 21 – Board Meeting

March 22 – Director’s Update

March 22 – Labour Management

March 29 – George Couros Session (Stacey)

March 30 – Early Years Book Study 9:00-11:30

March 31 – Before and After School Care Survey Results entered onto the Google Doc

March 31 – BLPSA Self Assessment Results entered on Google Form

Learning Fair Celebration Dates – The Elementary Learning Celebration Fair will take place on Friday, May 27, 2016 at GOPS.

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