February 23

1. Nicki’s schedule

Mon – Senior Admin Meeting 9-11, GOPS office, Board Meeting, Tues-Junior Math until 11:00, travel to Longlac for Feedback Meeting with Chris, Wed- District Support BAPS, Thurs – District Support NAPS, Fri – Principal Teleconference in am, away in pm

2. Speech Language Session – I have scheduled this session with Karen Figliomeni of Superior Speech and Language Services as I had shared with her the concerns of the K teachers and the ECEs (and I think some may have come from EAs as well) regarding the number of students entering school who are struggling with language development. She is going to do a session for us on Monday, March 9, 2015 from 1:30-3:30 via Adobe Connect to engage in learning around the following: Basic Knowledge of Articulation

  1. Modelling articulation
  2. Language Milestones
  3. Sentence Structure
  4. Vocabulary Growth

This session is voluntary. The target audience is K-2 teachers, ECEs, EAs and SERTS who may work with early years students. A PD Notification will be sent to those who register with me by Friday, February 27.

Upcoming Dates

February 23 – Long Range Plans Due to Principal for T2.

February 25 – Pink Shirt Day (Bully Awareness)

February 26 – Junior Math Hub CHANGED TO FEBRUARY 24

February 27 – Student Led Conferencing Completed (please keep your attendance data for access later).

Friday, February 27 – February Thursday AM Catch Up date from 9:15-11:15

Friday, February 27 – Transition to Kindergarten Plans due to Nicki, (send special needs to Nancy and Kathleen as well)

Friday, February 27 – Kindergarten Registration done (just the formal signing) however this is a guideline only – we want to encourage as many parents as possible.

Monday, March 2 – Principal Early Years Learning Session – Self-Regulation, Purposeful Play (through the lens of geometry and spatial sense), has been booked for at GOPS 9:30-3:30.  Heather Exley and Anne Marie McMahon-Dupuis will also join us that day!

Monday, March 9 – Speech Language Session with Karen Figliomeni

Friday, March 13 – LLT “Google Slide” submission completed on the Google Slide

Wednesday, March 25 – March Thursday AM Catch Up Date  from 1:00-3:00.

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