1.   Remember that your agendas and artifacts from the PD Day should be uploaded to the D2L site under School Improvement – due date of Monday, September 29 for both please. If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact Stacey, Kathleen or me and we will guide you through this.

2.  Cohort Data – please be prepared to send me the analysis of this data that you engaged in.  We will be speaking to this data on Thursday if there is time.  I am also asking that you pull up your EQAO predictions from last year and include a comparison of your predictions to the actual scores.  This information will be used by the Board Learning Plan team.

3.  My schedule this week – Monday- GOPS and RRPS for Interviews, Tues/Wed -SIM in Thunder Bay, Thurs/Fri – Early Learning in Thunder Bay

4. We will be scheduling the first LLT soon.  Stay tuned for the date.  I am asking each elementary principal to identify  and send the name to me of one teacher leader in your school who will attend the three LLTs and who will return and share this information with the staff.  Chris, Lindsay will serve in this role as she is already on the SIM team.

5.  December 9 and 10th will be our next Leadership Problem of Practice Date.  Location to be determined (based upon availability of curling club!).

Upcoming Events:

1. Wellnet should be completed by now.

2.  Wednesday, October 1 – 3:30 IEP and IPRC teleconference

3. IEPs and Long Range Plans due

4. Friday, October 10 – School Learning Plans and Inquiry Applications Due – Please post School Learning Plans on D2L and send Inquiry Applications to either Suzanne or Nicki

5. Problem of Practice – after October 17 we will schedule Problem of Practice check ins with Nancy, Suzanne and Nicki – be prepared to share your document and artifacts to date for these conversations.  We will book dates asap for these 1 hour conversations.


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  1. What’s going on with the information updates. This is Sept and Octobers.


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