October 6 Information/Updates

1.  Cohort and Predictions Data – please see the chart that was sent to you. This information is being requested once again this year so that schools and district leaders can engage in specific conversations around this data.  While we are only requesting grade 3 and 6 data, it is imperative that schools are deeply analyzing grade 7 achievement data to plan a detailed response to support those learners in gap closing.  There are a number of resources to support you in this. These resources will be discussed at the Thursday Morning Teleconference.

2. A sincere thanks to Angela’s Team for the work that they did in sharing their School Learning Plan evidence so far.  We received a detailed explanation of their learning journey to date.  We look forward to drilling down into one piece of work to align the criteria for success with that piece of work – hoping that they will bring a piece that is from one of the students who is a marker student.  Thanks to Kathleen for organizing the artifacts to allow for them to be in a folder – and to allow some annotations regarding why the artifact was posted.  Stacey will show everyone how to do this at the Wednesday Operational Teleconference.

3. Nicki’s schedule – Mon – GOPS Numeracy Day Planning Team Meeting, Tues – NTIP Session and SWST meeting, Wed/Thurs – GOPS to catch up!, Fri – Dr. Welsh/reading Inquiry Applications!

Upcoming Dates:

1.  Friday, October 10 – Inquiry Applications (send to Nicki and Suzanne) and School Learning Plans (post on D2L) due

2. Friday, October 17 – Problem of Practice outlines due to Nancy and Dave

3.  Friday, October 24 – Numeracy PD Day – Plans are being made and “modules” will be posted to D2L for schools.

4. Tuesday, November 4 – Early Years Inquiry Session #1 at GOPS for ALL grades Jk-2 educators.

5. Wednesday, November 5, – Educator Team Orientation Session at GOPS for all JK and SK teacher and ECE teams (BAPS, GOPS, SPS, TBPS, MTPS).

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