February 22-26

Thought of the Week:  With the Efficacy Framework evidence being analyzed, the Informal and  Formal Leadership area of our BLPSA has been discussed as a continued area for growth.  This is an important goal for our district, as evidenced by our Success Criteria and by the OLF.  Have a look below at the indicators for Developing the Organization:Captureselfassessment

 Health and Safety Reminders:    Assessing Workplace Violence Risk

After the March Break you will be receiving the results of the  Workplace Violence and Harassment Survey for your school.  Consider the following when analyzing your data:

Once we have identified violence related hazards, each hazard needs to be assessed, to determine the potential risk within the workplace. Risk is determined by considering:

  1. Frequency – how often does a workplace violence-related hazard occur?
  2. Probability – how likely is a workplace violence situation to occur?, and
  3. Consequence – what is the worst possible outcome of a workplace violence incident?





None this week!

Carried Over from Last Week

EQAO Predictions – At our March 3 TMT, we will focus the learning portion of the teleconference on our predictions.  I am asking each of you to speak briefly to what you discovered and how you are responding to these predictions. We are searching for responsive “precision” in these discussions so please do be prepared to speak about what you are doing that is above and beyond the “normal”.  If you have yet to send your predictions template to me, please do so asap.

School Learning Plan Feedback Meetings – I would like to meet with each of you (and your SLP team if possible) to discuss your SLPs.  It is IMPORTANT that staff know that they are welcome to join these meetings!  Please communicate this to them.  At this time, I would also ask to see the work that you have done around the BLPSA Self-Assessment and hear about the responses from staff. Please remember that this is a tool that will allow your staff to see where they are on our BLPSA journey – this is VERY important work to engage in so that all staff can see where they are at and feel a sense of direction!


Nicki’s Schedule

Mon – MNPS School Visit, BLDS Teleconference, Board Meeting

Tues – MTPS School Visit, TBPS School Visit, Directors Update, PIC Meeting

Wed – NOEL meeting

Thurs – out of the system

Fri – NTIP in am

Upcoming Dates

February 21 – World Down Syndrome Day

February 22 – Long Range Plans Due to the principals

February 24 – Pink Shirt Day (Bully Prevention)

Feb 24 – Primary Math PLC at GOPS 10:00-3:00

February 25 – Junior Math PLC at GOPS 10:00-3:00

February 26 – Student Led Conferences Completed

February 26 – New Teacher Orientation

February 26 – Transition to Kindergarten Plans due

February 29 – PD DAY Spencer Beach

March 2 – SIM via Virtual Learning Environment for SIM Team

March 3 and 4 – BMS Training

March 4 – Annual Learning Plan Update and Review Meetings completed

March 7 – Leads’ Meeting all day

March 8, – Teacher in Charge Training Session – GOPS

March 9 – LLI (Elementary) via Videoconference

March 8 and 9 – LLI Grade 7-10  (See Carole)

March 11 – IEPs Updated and sent home

March 12 – School Organizational Proposals Due to NMC

March 29 – George Couros Session (Stacey)

March 30 – Early Years Book Study 9:00-11:30

Learning Fair Celebration Dates – The Elementary Learning Celebration Fair will take place on Friday, May 27, 2016 at GOPS.


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