January 14

Adobe:  https://meeting.sgdsb.on.ca/r6fgw27mrcn/

Dial In:  1 888 289 4573  3831144#


  1.  School Learning Plan Evidence Sharing  (see main page of this Page Section for instructions).  I think that it is either Chris or Shelley who is sharing today.  This is a new format that will take some time to adjust to. Please log into the Adobe Connect where they will post their sharing items.  7:50-8:15 am

2.    Operational  (8:15-8:30 am)



Shelley (Staff Meetings:  NTIP and opportunities for co-planning, classroom visits, BLDS communication, etc.)




Nicole R

Nicki   (Workplace Violence and Harassment Survey, Transition to Kindergarten Plans and Philosophy, Dr. Jean Clinton Event, feedback for Barb W re Policies)

5.  School Items (please note that these items can be bumped up in the agenda depending upon urgency!  This is an opportunity to support you in your work so please bring items of issue or concern).

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