Week of January 11-15

Thought of the Week:  The Messy Work of the SLP Process

As leaders, we are goal oriented and driven individuals who are seeking evidence that we are making a difference on a daily basis.  This is just who we are, which is a good thing, as this is what motivates us to continue on this challenging journey.  I am constantly reminding myself of what Whittacker told us in Re-Culturing School Climate – this takes time! School Learning work, including all stages of the School Learning Plan journey, is MESSY and filled with uncertainty, as it is about learning and this is how learning happens.

Our SGDSB themes need to be kept at the forefront for all of us, specifically,

  • we need to model the assessment for and as learning strategies in all of our work – so that we are practicing them ourselves, and so that our system knows that these are important strategies that promote learning for all
  • learner centered means that we are doing with our staff, not to our staff – this means that the SLP work is alongside!
  • people don’t support what they don’t create – so our people need to be involved in much of this work – you are the facilitator and provoke the thinking with information and ideas
  • we learn to do the work by doing the work, not by having someone tell us how to do the work (this is SO difficult).
  • we are modelling RISK TAKING throughout this process – so that our staff will take risks in learning as well.  It may not be perfect, however what matters is what we have learning – reflective practice through dialogue is crucial.

This is difficult work for all of us and we need to remember that it will take time, that every school in our system is at a different stage in their journey, and that we need to slow this process down…while still moving forward.   We need to give ourselves permission, especially after many months of thinking about this work!



Health and Safety Act Reminders:    

  • Emergency Plans – All Emergency Plans (including Fire Plans) need to be reviewed with the entire staff by January 29 (board policy).
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment School Action Plans – in place.
  • Reminder that the Elementary PD Day on February 29th will have a motivational OH and S theme with a guest speaker named Spencer Beach. Please see his website, and begin to share this information with  our staff. http://www.spencerspeaks.ca/

Bully Prevention and Intervention Plans – Enhanced: Please be sure to send me (if you haven’t already done so) your enhanced plans by January 22.  Please contact me if you have questions about the feedback that I provided to you. Thank you for your work in embedding this prevention and intervention into the daily operation of your school.

Enrollment and Next Year – Please begin thinking about and identifying the  potential pressures that may exist regarding school configuration/enrollment for next year.  We will begin to have these conversations in February/March.

Plant Budget – Just a reminder that your Capital Plant Budget process usually begins this time of year. Your custodial and maintenance staff are crucial in these conversations.  Just a heads up to begin/continue thinking about these capital projects and your vision for your building.

EQAO Predictions – These completed templates are due to NMC for conversation by February 1.  I will set up time to chat with each of you regarding these predictions, and your process and structures to address the urgent needs.

LLI Survey – just a reminder to be working on this survey with your staff – the facilitator is waiting on these to engage in her planning. Hopefully we can have them done by the final week of January.

Math PLC Attendance – please identify which Math PLCs you plan to attend and the rationale for attendance by this Friday. Thank you!

Inquiry Applications – Thanks to Deb for bringing up this issue – the only inquiry applications that are due by Monday are those that reflect projects that are different from your SLP. For your SLP work, please simply include the budget from from the inquiry application when you submit your SLP in February. I will be sending out a global PD Notification for your use as I know that you need release time to get to work.

Carried Over from Last Week

Sharing of Space:  A reminder to be booking your Sharing of Space check in meeting with your partners in the building.  At these meetings the goals that you set in August should be assessed for success and next steps, and new goals set. You should also be conducting an assessment to determine if there are challenges (and celebrations) for both parties.  This formal communication is a critical step in moving us forward toward full integration. Please have the Sharing of Space document available as the tool to guide the conversations.

School Learning Plans – Please have these posted to your school VLE site by February 1, 2016.  Thanks everyone!

Dr Jean Clinton Sessions – A Regional Parent Reaching Out Grant was submitted by SGDSB, SNCDSB and Brass Bell to have Dr. Jean Clinton visit our region to work with parents and possibly staff.  Funding has been approved and the arrangements are in the works.  Dr.Clinton will be speaking with parents in each community during Education Week (May 2-5). More details will be coming, however we are asking that you plan to incorporate her visit into your Education Week Activities, and that you schedule your School Council Meeting to correspond with her speaking engagement. Much more will come however I wanted to give you a heads up – we need to encourage as many parents as possible to attend this event!!  Please begin to share the links to her videos  some of which can be found at http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/positive.html.  Through your support, we believe that we can make this event a hugely attended session!!!  Thanks for your patience as we organize the final details and get them out to you!

Inquiry Applications:  found in the SEF Google File  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4QNZN4U71P8bHhqdUdvN0I2ZWc&usp=sharing



Nicki’s Schedule

Mon – NTIP Steering Committee, SWST meeting, meeting with Sara,

Tues – BAPS

Wed – BAPS

Thurs – Negotiations

Fri – Negotiations

Upcoming Dates

Monday, January 11 – Inquiry Applications Due/Long Range Plans Due

Monday, January 11 – NTIP Steering Committee Meeting 9:10-10:20

Friday, January 15 – LLI registration names/confirmation of attendance sent to NMC

Monday, January 18 – TWEA should be open by today for teachers to check their report card set up

Monday, January 18 – Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 19 – Director’s Update

Thursday, January 21 – Early Primary Math Launch via Adobe Connect 9:00-11:30

Thursday, January 21 – 1:30-3:30 – Fair Start Teleconference  for K Educators and data entry people

Friday, January 22 – EQAO session attendance confirmed to NMC

Friday, January 22 – Bully Prevention Plan Revisions Due to NMC

Monday, January 25 – Thursday Morning Catch Up Teleconference 9:00-11:00  (this one will likely have to be changed due to a conflict for me, however we will discuss the new date asap).

Tuesday, January 26 – Primary Math Launch 9:00-11:30

Tuesday, January 26 – Junior Math Launch 12:30-3:00

Wednesday, January 27 – Family Literacy Day

Friday, January 29 – PD Day for Assessment

Monday, February 1 – Sharing of Space Meetings completed

Monday, February 1 – Emergency Plans Reviewed with Staff

Monday, February 1 – Leads’ Meeting in morning

Monday, February 1 – Efficacy Review 1:00-4:00

Monday, February 1 – EQAO Predictions (see template) are due to NMC

February 2-3 – Workplace Violence and Harassment Survey will be distributed to all staff.

Friday, February 5 – TIC Session at GOPS  We will need to find a new date for this as the Pearson Efficacy Review is taking place and will occupy the day! Stay tuned!

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