Week of Sept 28-Oct 2

Thought of the Week: What does it mean to demonstrate due diligence?  My understanding is that this means that the school and district takes every reasonable action to ensure that we are satisfying legal requirements. It means that we demonstrate our relentlessness for the safety of staff and students.  It is essential that we make this relentlessness visible for everyone – eg. that we include time for safety discussions on agendas, that we ensure that by scheduling meetings well in advance that we demonstrate that safety is a priority, and that we practice this daily.  It means that we know legislation and policy, and that we follow this as a priority. It means that when we begin a new program in the gym, that we are reminding those involved to review the OSBIE standards of safety for that activity, that when classes go on field trips, that we have all of the paperwork signed (elements of risk, allergy information for some, seating plans for the bus, first aid, etc.), and that OH and S is a priority that is shared by all in the school.  These examples illustrate the mindset that we, as leaders, need to have and live by.


  1. Please ensure that the Triple Grade/Quad Grade conversations are happening with staff and that you have a plan for moving forward in this support.  This conversation could also involve a review of planning using Big Ideas/Essential Questions/Enduring Understandings.  This is also a great discussion for when Long Range Plans begin to be shared.
  2. The Work Plans for the Board Learning Plan are being posted to a BLP Google File.  By next week I will share the link so that you can access them as tools to support your planning.
  3. As we have Pat Carney tomorrow morning and we met on Friday, there is NO Catch Up Teleconference tomorrow.
  4. Emergency Plans – how are you communicating the contents of these plans with staff and ensuring that they are accountable for the materials?  This must be done by September 30.

From Last Week’s Information/Updates (carried over):

  1. Emergency Plans – please note that your Emergency Plans are due by September 30 to Dave with a cc to Debbie Skworchinski. Although the Emergency Plan template does state that they are to go to the SOE, the board Policy states that they are to go to the Director. Also, note that your Fire Safety plan is part of your Emergency Plan so, although the board Policy states that it is to go to the SOE, please simply send the whole package to Dave. Debbie shared with me that she will be adding a better long term ‘evacuation” plan to her document due to a recent water issue that they experienced. Something to think about – if the water goes off, can you evacuate to another location?

Nicki’s Schedule for this Week:

Monday – Pat Carney in am, Teleconferences and Board Meeting in pm

Tuesday – SNB in Thunder Bay

Wednesday – K-12 Lit/Num in Thunder Bay

Thursday -GOPS (several teleconferences – District Support with Dave/Suzanne, FNMI)

Friday – School Visits – MMPS in am, BAPS in pm

Due Dates/This Week in Our System:

September 28 – Board Meeting

September 30 – all Emergency Plans due to Deb and communicated to staff

October 2 – POPs due to your designated Leader

Suzanne – all secondary and George and Carole

Dave – Hillary, Kathleen, Will, Shelley, Jody, Stacey, Nicole

Nicki – Kellie, Chris, Michelle, Debbie, Sara, Melissa

Those on a PPA will work with their designated Leader to determine a due date (after the First Meeting)

Anyone wishing can set up time to discuss their POP prior to the due date.

October 5 –  Lead’s Meeting via teleconference

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day

October 5 – Board Policy Review

October 10 – SLPs, Inquiry Applications, Bully Intervention Plans all due (tentatively)

October 16 – ALP Meetings completed

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