January 19

Please ensure that every teacher has logged into the Web Reports and has verified their class lists.  The deadline was Friday by noon! 

1. The Board Learning Plan has been posted to the D2L under the LLT Course and the School Improvement Course.  Teachers and Admin who participated in the Junior Math (last week) and the Primary Math (this week) have seen the math goals that are in this document. I would encourage you to become familiar with the Mindset goals in this document as well; but to also use the Success Criteria for Growth Mindset, Conditions for Learning, and Leadership. These criterion are used to measure our overall growth as a district; district support visits (feedback and full) both integrate these criteria into the conversations.  After seeing the Growth Mindset criteria in the BLP from me at the Junior Math session, a teacher right away saw how he could use this with his students and copied it down. Please ensure that this criteria is embedded into the work that you do with your staff so that everyone is aware of it and is applying it through ongoing self-assessment. As leaders we are modelling the assessment for learning strategies in our practice; applying this criteria through a self assessment strategy is an excellent way to continue to enhance your goals.

2. District Support Visits –  All of the visits have now been booked and the template under the School Learning Plan section of this blog site has been updated.  For those who are having a FULL District Support, we need to book an hour of time to plan the visit (this is the Pre-visit Conversation). This should be done by the end of this week as calendars are filling up so quickly.

3.  Thursday Morning Teleconference – a reminder that we will be “meeting” from 1:00-3:00 on Thursday instead of 7:50 am.  Please see the agenda Page for more information.

4.  Notifying Principals Regarding PD – Thanks to those who replied to me about how they prefer our protocol to look regarding the notification of professional development (from both Kathleen and me).  From this point further, when PD is being announced, it will go directly to you as the school leader.  You will then notify the appropriate participants.  They will confirm their attendance however it must be in an email to both YOU and the person organizing the PD (in some cases I have people confirm to Lisa Zeleny as she is ordering lunch).  Please communicate this to your staff; when we receive confirmations or indications that a participant is not attending, we need to ensure that you are aware of this as the leader.

5.  Upcoming Dates 

Tuesday, January 20 – Fair Start Training 1:30 Adobe Connect (materials and link was already sent out)

Wednesday, January 21 – Primary Math 9:00 start time

Thursday, January 22 – Thursday AM Teleconference Catch Up Day 1:00-3:00

Friday, January 23 -1:15-3:30  Kathleen and I are participating in the following Webinar (we can only get one link) at GOPS. Please let me know if this is something that you would like to join in on.

Adobe Connect Professional Learning Session  K-12 Literacy

Responsive Pedagogy in Literacy Grades 4 – 8: After the Reading Diagnostic

This optional interactive live session will focus on:

  • How we determine students’ strengths and needs in reading
  • How we respond to what we have learned

This session is open to all Literacy professional learning facilitators and the educator teams they support. Please plan to attend as a team (at a school or board office) as there will be several opportunities for you to engage in professional dialogue to support the learning.

Thursday, January 29 – Kim’s Retirement Celebration – Valhalla Inn at 6:00 (be sure to have notified Suzanne of your attendance)

Friday, January 30 – Reporting Day (don’t forget to use the Guide to Writing Report Card Comments with your staff PRIOR to this day in order to clarify your expectations!)

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