March 24

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Dial In:  1 888 289 4573  3831144

 School Learning Plan – KELLIE  

Reminders:  EQAO Predictions on March 31 –  We will focus the learning portion of the teleconference on our predictions.  I am asking each of you to speak briefly to what you discovered and how you are responding to these predictions. We are searching for responsive “precision” in these discussions so please do be prepared to speak about what you are doing that is above and beyond the “normal”.  If you have yet to send your predictions template to me, please do so asap. I am seeking a moderator for this teleconference as I will be travelling.  Volunteers?

School Learning Plan MICHELLE on April 7

2.  Operational  (7:15-8:30 am)

a)  Cathy will be engaging us in a conversation around the TIC (including timelines for this year, availability of qualified retired principals, admin relief list, etc)

b) Dave


There will be little to no time for other sharing! Sorry everyone!


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