November 3 Updates/Information

1. Nicki’s schedule  Mon – ECE Advisory Meeting Thunder Bay, Tues – Early Years Inquiry PD, Wed – Educator Team Meeting, Thurs and Fri – DSSAB and School Board Meetings in Thunder Bay

2.  Please be sure to send your LLT names to me by this Friday. Way to go Deb – first one to have hers in!

3.  Please ensure that your k-2 teachers have confirmed their attendance (was due Friday) at the Early Years session taking place on Tuesday.  It is really important to have k-2 teams where possible as they will be doing some continuum work together.  I have yet to see the confirmation list however I am also hopeful that some of you might be in attendance as well as there are key messages that need to be delivered.

4.  Shared Space – for those of you who have child cares and Family Support Programs in your school, I will be asking for an update regarding the implementation of the Sharing of Space Framework that we offered to you in August.  Just an FYI as this is important work.

5.  The Board Learning Plan will be published to you as a draft this week.  I am asking that each of you determine how to make this document visible in your schools – how will you ensure that everyone knows the goals?  How will you revisit those goals regularly?  This document needs to also be shared with your School Councils so am asking that you put it on the agenda.  Although we have stated that it is in DRAFT form, it is a living document like your School Learning Plans – so really, it will always be DRAFT as it will change throughout the year!

6. Please ensure that your teachers in the Primary and Junior Inquiries into Math are reading the Making Thinking Visible chapter that is posted to the D2L under Numeracy.  They will need this for the PD session.

7.  We are exploring the idea (with your feedback) of moving the Wednesday Operational Teleconferences to Mondays. This will be an agenda item at the Thursday Morning Teleconference this week.

8.  Please send me the Math Learning Session that you have committed to (K-2, Primary, Junior, 7-10) by Tuesday. Thanks!

9. A reminder for posting to the D2L – be sure to indicate which artifact is going to be used for the Thursday Morning Teleconference so that we can look at it ahead of time. Thanks to Shelley for her sharing last week – the ability to focus on one piece of work (or the same piece of work/question with multiple examples) resulted in a great conversation.  Hoping that we will begin to see student work with the related learning goal/criteria for success (remember that this would not have been in place for Shelley’s sharing as it was a diagnostic task).

Upcoming Dates

November 4 – EY Inquiry at GOPS for all K-2 Educators

November 5 – Educator Teams (those classrooms who have an ECE and Teacher team)

November 13 – Junior Inquiry into Math at GOPS

November 14 – please provide Board Learning Plan feedback to the Google Doc

November 19 – Primary Inquiry into Math at GOPS

November 21 – LLT at GOPS

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